I want the Imperial Council’s visibility to a new LGBTQ generation

Jose Sarria, SF Pride 2005 / Image — Dan Nicoletta

Did you know that there’s a study on running in high heels? However, the running I’m doing at the moment isn’t on a race track or hosted by a TV drag personality. But, I’m running as a candidate for the role of Empress of the Imperial Council of San Francisco — the Founding Mother Court of the International Court System, a non-profit and the oldest LGBT charity organization globally.

The organization hosts various entertainment, educational events, and activities to raise funds; these ventures support the causes of other diverse…

It’s time we had the hard conversations with loved ones and strangers.

Image / Darwin Bell — Castro to Chinatown: An LGBTQ+ Solidarity March for Asian Lives

Since the beginning of the pandemic, harassment and violence against Asian Americans has continued to grow. Across America, there has been an enormous surge of racism and attacks in our Asian communities.

A year ago, I wrote an essay on Medium — because I was fed up with the killing and treatment–the racism, police brutality, and scapegoating of Black Americans. The murders of trans people of color and our countries continued hatred of Latinx immigrants are exhausting me. …

I’ve deactivated FaceTime for a reason

I can almost see the tiniest hint of a rainbow starting to form up in the sky right now; it brings me some hope.

I’m doing great. Mostly — sometimes, that is not a lie. The endless amount of hours we have spent alone, topped by underlying depression, has been genuinely exhausting. And, on top of that, I often find myself not wanting to talk to anyone.

Actual conversations have been far and few throughout isolation. I’ve missed the good ol’ days when I had to yell at someone at the bar to stop…

2020 has been such a shit show I don’t even want to talk about it anymore!

I am happy to see this year go and I’ve already started to make plans to produce more art, philanthropy, and activism for 2021.


Imitation, they say, is the highest form of flattery. The next best thing is having a mural painted of yourself. The only thing better than that is having a lot of them! As the darling Pete-Astrid Kane stated in the SF Weekly article, How Many Murals Does Juanita MORE! Need?

“San Francisco is a street art kind of town…

John Vochatzer, Juanita & Jackson (Madonna & Son), 2020

2020 has sucked.

We have completely missed out on living our joyful lives during this time of Covid-19. My friends and family have tried to dedicate themselves to living fully in the moment, approaching people and the world by interacting in kind, considerate, safe, and respectful ways.

As this year comes to an end, we are confronted with the fact that we’re still on a Covid-19 timeline. It will keep pounding out that same steady beat throughout winter, whether we like it or not. Please continue to wear a mask!

And then, as though this year hasn’t been tough enough…

Today is World AIDS Day. As I sit and think about that for a moment, I start to see the faces of the friends and lovers I’ve lost from the start of the AIDS pandemic. Back when we didn’t know what was happening or if it was going to happen to you. It still takes my breath away. I can remember all the love, laughter, and tears that I shared with all of them as though it was yesterday. I’ve carefully placed all of those memories into an imaginary locket I wear around my neck every day. …

I don’t want to see business as usual.

The Castro explodes, Saturday, November 7th — Image / Bradley Roberge

This weekend’s election results were a massive sigh of relief. We have spent most of this year trying to normalize our fears, anger, and anxiety. As the country celebrated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s win, we all felt the immense weight of the past four years start to float off our backs. After a grueling campaign, the voters have made their choice. Even if someone is throwing a tantrum about conceding, we won’t know the finalized election results until January.

I want to send out a huge thank you…

Image, Shot In The City Photography

Well, well, well. Here we are– at the end of a truly consequential American presidential election — and the beginning of what could be an uncertain future. Now, while I’m not much of a professional prognosticator when it comes to election outcomes — but neither, folks, was Nate Silver in 2016 — I’m confident that Joe and Kamala are going to win this. Confident. Sure, that is if everyone is playing by the rules. …

Your vote should go toward making sure everyone is treated equally.

I’ve been a San Francisco resident for all of my adult life, thirty of those I’ve spent inside my tiny Tenderloin apartment — when I swing open the door; you pass by 20’ feet of salon-style self-commissioned artwork, images of naked boys, and reminders of the community I call home. Drag for me is more than just art and entertainment; it’s about community, political activism, and a conduit for change.

Photo: Marcela Pardo Ariza / Assistant: Juan Carlos Rodriguez Rivera / Gowns: Mr. David Couture / Flowers: Tyson Lee for Mister Lee Designs @misterleedesigns

I and Honey Mahogany — who currently serves as a legislative aide to San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Matt…

As one of the city’s most recognizable drag queens, I feel responsible to my community as a social connector to have a voice in the upcoming election. I’ve called San Francisco my home for all of my adult life and have played many roles here, including mother, muse, philanthropist, and collaborator.

Artwork / Manuel Carmona

The underlying spirit that binds all of these things together is a desire to make this city we all share–a better, more joyful place. There is an ever-expanding web of associations that I’ve brought together in the past 30 years as a drag queen.

I can’t do what I…

Juanita MORE!

High glamour, drag irreverence, danceable beats, culinary delectables, political activism and a philanthropic heart.

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